Giorgos Varoutas "Chronostasis"

ReR Megacorp



01. Arcadia I

02. Melisma 
03. Arcadia II
04. Resonator I
05. Procrustes
06. Resonator II
07. Evolver
08. Chronostasis I
09. Chronostasis II
10. Melisma II


6 panel digipack CD

ReR Megacorp

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Chronostasis, from the Greek words χρόνος ''time'' and στάσις ''standing'' is an album of electronic, acousmatic and improvised music with elements of traditional music from a contemporary perspective, moving between the polarities of ancient and digital.

The work pairs two unique traditional instruments both dating back at least 2700 years ago, played by two world class soloists of traditional and contemporary music, Tokyo based Ko Ishikawa (Shō-Japanese bamboo mouth organ) and Athens based Harris Lambrakis (Ney-Middle Eastern wood fute).

The album also features contributions by co-members of Vault of Blossomed Ropes and Liminal Vanguard:

Nikos Sidirokastritis (drums), Vasso Dimitriou (arpeggione),

Stelios Romaliadis (fute), Anna Linardou (voice), Nikos Fokas (electronics).




Ko Ishikawa: shō

Nikos Sidirokastritis: drums
Harris Lambrakis:ney
Vasso Dimitriou:arpeggione
Anna Linardou: voice

Nikos Fokas: electronics
Stelios Romaliadis: flute

Giorgos Varoutas: guitar, electronics, sound design, field recording, treatments, arrangements


Produced by G.Varoutas


Recorded by G.Varoutas & Gustav Penka at PiGi music studio, Athens

Mixed by G.Varoutas & Alex Bolpasis at Unreal Studios, Athens

Mastered by Bob Drake at Studio Midi Pyrenees, France


Artwork design by Vicky Aggelopoulou

Artwork photography by Stefania Orfanidou


Sculpture in artwork: ''Sleeping Boy'' by Oliver Laric


Vault of Blossomed Ropes

Triple Bath & VoBR releases



01. Ordo ab Chao

02. Kaidan
03. Jodhpur
04. Celestial Mercury
05. My Vesica Piscis
06. Crater 101



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The debut album of the greek collective with references to the ambient-experimental scene and world ritual aesthetics, represents their first creative period and  has received critical acclaim.

The opening  track ''Ordo ab Chao'' features the poem ''Immortals'' by the great greek poet, photographer & psychoanalyst Andreas Empeirikos (1901-1975), read by the poet himself and arranged musically by VoBR with the contribution of Steve Jansen (Japan, Samadhisound).

The poem has been translated in English, especially for this occasion by Empeirikos'  family approved translator.


A printed version of the poem is included in the LP version.



Nikos Fokas: synths, electronics

Giorgos Varoutas: guitar, electronics

Stelios Romaliadis: flute
Anna Linardou: voice



Steve Jansen kindly contributed

Produced by VoBR

Recorded at Etidorhpa studio throughout 2013-2014. 
Mixed by Alex Bolpasis and mastered by George Priniotakis at Artracks Recording studios, in Spring-Summer 2014. 
Graphic by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos. 

Anna Linardou "Heterotopia"

Underflow records



Underflow records


01. Heterotopia

02. Apopse sto spitaki mou

       Folk song from Athamanian         Mountains, Greece 

03. Yalla Tnam Rima

        Lebanese lullaby
04. Ahmedo

        Kurdish love song
05. Alla campagnola 
        Love Song of Ferroletto
06. Little Sparrow  
Appalachian song

07. La harpe de melodie            Jacob de Senleches

       (14th century)

08. Rosa's tune         

      Lyrics and music by                   Rosa Eskenazy                           (“Sti filaki”, 1930)


Anna Linardou: voice

Giorgos Varoutas: sampling, sound design, guitar, electronics,

acoustic instruments

Nikos Fokas: modular electronics

Stelios Romaliadis: flute

Sofia Efkleidou: cello

Fuad Ahmadvand: santur


Produced by Anna Linardou & Giorgos Varoutas
Recorded by Panagiotis Chountas
Mixed by Alex Bolpasis & Giorgos Varoutas 
Mastered by Taylor Deupree

Artwork & graphic design by Vicky Aggelopoulou

Anna Linardou is a vocalist exploring the human voice in all of its spectrum.
The multitude of styles she performs comes from the study of vocal qualities of modern singing, as well as traditional vocal idioms and extended techniques.

Her debut album is a variety of vocalities from different places and eras, transformed through a contemporary perspective. Vocal idioms of different traditions are blended with electroacoustics, sampling and free improvisation to create sonic landscapes of undefinable geography.

Appalachian bluegrass and throat singing, Lebanese lullabies and prepared piano treatments, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Medieval tunes, extended vocals, electronics, sampling and resynthesis of voice and acoustic instruments are elements that constitute a place where the singing voice crosses the barriers of style and celebrates its multi faceted nature.




The Depths Above-Άνω Βυθός

Underflow Records



01. Anasa

02. Thrόιsma 
04. Kladi
05. Yoru 
06. Skaros 
07. Yume
08. Yfala
09. Arashi
10. Bīto 

11. Kaiki

12. Vythisi


Ko Isikawa: shō
Harris Lambrakis: ney
Anna Linardou: voice
Nikos Sidirokastritis: wood, floor tom, cymbal
Giorgos Varoutas: ac.guitar, electronics, objects, live sampling

Recorded by Gustav Penka
Mixed by Giorgos Varoutas, Gustav Penka
Mastered by Taylor Deupree

Artwork by Dimitris Sidirokastritis
Graphic Design by No Más / No More Studio

Video production by Africanastronaut


Underflow records

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''I was lying down across the stern, lulled by the gentle swaying of the vessel, inhaling the smoke of the torch and trying to discern the stars in the depths above.''
Al. Papadiamandis

This excerpt from Alexandros Papadiamantis's novel “The Rose-tinted Shores” sums up the aesthetic experience of the album “The Depths Above”.

Ko Ishikawa, Nikos Sidirokastritis, Giorgos Varoutas, Harris Lambrakis and Anna Linardou interpret the ecstasy of nature, wandering between ancient memory and imagination.

Ancient instruments, such as the Japanese shō and the Middle Eastern ney, a piece of acacia wood and a voice, combined with electroacoustic guitar, electronic sound and live sampling, reflect a poetic contemplation of the human condition between the sea and the depths of the sky.

The album was recorded in Athens on January 17, 2019, at the Underflow Record Store and Art Gallery, which was arranged accordingly for the project's audio and video recording needs.





Steve Jansen "Tender Extinction"

Steve Jansen Production


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Nikos Fokas "The Eternal Creak Of The Icebreaker"

Midira Records


Steve Jansen "The Extinct Suite"

Steve Jansen Production


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